Audio Recording

We provide the highest quality of audio engineering services. Whether its recording, editing, mixing or mastering we work closely with our clients to capture their best sound. Whether you are a singer, rapper, instrumentalist, or even a voiceover actor, any and every style of music can be recorded here.


Music Production

Beyond the fundamentals of production, producers are almost always musicians themselves. Our producers, in particular, are well-rounded in the realms of songwriting, composing, and programming, so more often than not, they can assist the artist by enhancing their songs with brilliant arrangements, invigorating and re-focusing their core strengths during recording and transforming sounds with enthusiastic engineering techniques.

When an artist is seeking guidance in the creation of their sound, we offer the assistance of one of our highly skilled music producers.

•Extensive knowledge in engineering and music theory

•Assistance with vocal performance & ear to capture the ideal tone of each instrument

• Ability to feature the ideal emotion out of the song.


Mixing & Mastering

There is no great record without a great mix. Here at ReyBen we have a hybrid approach of producing pristine award winning mixes. Our mastering process includes bringing out the energy and sheen for final distribution. Some of the mastering equipment we use are from dangerous music, burl audio and a designs audio.



Courses & Training


We Offer 3 very specific courses in Audio Engineering and Music Production. We can provide any aspiring engineer or producer with a hands-on education with assistance from our industry certified professionals.

Our 10-week Audio Engineering course specializes in teaching students how to record, mix and master Rock, Indie, Instrumental or Large Productions of any Genre.

Our 5-week one-on-one Audio Engineering course specializes in teaching students how to record, mix and master Hip Hop, R&B, Pop & Electronic Music.